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Tiamulin fumarate water soluble powder 10%

Tiamulin fumarate water soluble powder 10%


6.98 ~ 12.36 / Kilogram ( Negotiable ) أحصل على آخر سعر


6.98 per Kilogram

100 Kilogram



500 Kilogram per Week

T/T, L/C


1. Main components
10% Tiamulin Fumarate
2. Advantages
1.Veyong pharma is one of the largest manufacturers of Tiamulin Fumarate in China.
2.Good water solubility, conducive to absorption.
Advanced water-solubility technology promote more conducive to chicken intestinal absorption. Advanced process technology promotes dissolve faster, and melts in water within 5-10 minutes.
3.No drug resistance
Veyong Tiamulin is a kind of diterpenoids, is a derivative of semi-synthetic pleuromutilin. It has no similarities with other antibiotics, so there is no cross-resistance problem.
4.Professional coating technology, precise release
Adopting the latest international coating technology, the particles are uniformity and the feed is easy to mix in uniformity. The consistency of the drug in the feed after mix is ensured, the irritatingness is small, there is no odor, the palatability is good, and the feed intake is not affected. Veyong Tiamulin has precise release and longer drug efficacy.
5.Multiple modes of administration, flexible use
Veyong Tiamulin could be used by mixing feed, drinking water, spray, nasal drops, injections and other methods of administration. It can be used flexibly to achieve good prevention and treatment in special circumstances.
3. Three Major Efficacy
1.Globally recognized preferred drug to clean Mycoplasma in Chicken Farm.
2.Pre-medication can effectively prevent vaccine-induced respiratory reactions such as coughing, sneezing, and eyelid swelling.
3.Promote growth, increase feed conversion rate, improve laying hens\' egg production rate, promote broiler weight gain.
4. The Harm of Mycoplasma Infection to Chicken
Once the broilers were infected with septic Mycoplasma, the feed conversion rate decreased by 10-20%, and the rate of death-culling increased by 10-20%. The age of production will be postponed by 2 weeks, and the peak egg production rate will be reduced by 5-10%. The egg laying rate of laying hens decreased by 10-20%, hatching rate of broiler eggs decreased by 5-10%, primary weak broilers increased by 10%, broiler weight decreased by 38%, slaughter time was extended, and treatment costs increased.
Mycoplasma infection exists in every chicken farm, the key to controlling mycoplasma is to prevent the spread of pathogens. Tiamulin is the most effective antibiotic for controlling Mycoplasma gallisepticum. By controlling mycoplasma, respiratory tract morbidity can be significantly reduced, and the resulting loss of invisibility can be minimized.
Diseased chicken face: Infraorbital sinus swelled and stiff.
Chicken air sacs thickened, turbid, with yellow cheese
Chicken abdominal cavity foam-like fluid in chronic respiratory disease
5. Recommended Use Solutions
  Dosage The main function
Premix Drink
Breeder & layer Before laying, mix 100g with 50kg feed, continuously use for 3~5 days.
Start laying, mix 100g with 25kg feed, use till reaching laying peak.
Before laying, dissolve 100g into 100kg water.
Start laying, dissolve 100g into 50kg water.
Reduce the occurrence of respiratory diseases.
improve laying hens\' egg production rate
Broiler 1-14 day-old mix 100g with 100kg feed.
21-34 day-old mix 100g with 100kg feed
1-14 day-old dissolve 100g into 200kg water.
21-34 day-old dissolve 100g into 200kg water.
Improve survival rate, improve feed-to-meat ratio, and reduce morbidity
Dont use in combination with polyether antibiotics to avoid poisoning: such as monensin, salinomycin, narasin, oleandomycin, and maduramycin.
Once poisoning, stop using drugs immediately and rescue with 10% glucose water solution. Check whether there is a polyether antibiotic such as salinomycin in the feed in the meantime.
When it is needed to continue the use of tiamulin to treat diseases, should stop usage of feeds containing polyether antibiotics such as salinomycin.
100g/sachet, 10sachets/jar, 6jars/carton.




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Hebei Veyong Animal Pharmaceutical Co.,

No. 68 Ganjiang Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China,, Shijiazhuang, Hebei


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